Give Customers Early Access To Your Menu.


No matter how big or small your venue our algorithm can work with multiple venues at any given time. Home or Away fans can order and pay before events with little or no WiFi access.

Delight Your Guests.


Ensure supporters enjoy every moment. It can be as quick as 15 seconds for employees to deliver a fast, efficient and outstanding service with Fanserve. 

Reduce waiting time.


Avoid congestion around your stadium concourse. Improve security, health and safety and enhance customers experience at your concessions.

Order With A Simple Click And Collect.


 Available to any visiting fan at anytime, access to early bird offer, promotions and merchandise sales. 

Fast And Secure Payment.


Predict customer spending habits, boost ordering, waste control and less cash handling.

Boost Employees Engagement.


As all orders are received hours ahead, chefs are more prepared for bulk purchases. Staff members spend more time connecting and building stronger relationships on your behave.

Marketing Options.


FanServe is the perfect tool for direct marketing, brand promotions and product awareness.

Real - Time Data.


We identity your customers and their purchasing behaviours. Real-time data which can assist you in making more informed business decision on products and merchandise

Full Technical Support.


Our friendly team work closely with supporters and stadiums to offer round the clock support.